The Robotek Hall Of Shame

Because only a complete Bitch would pay money to win a video game…

(I will be working to expand this with time.)

NEW CATEGORY!!!: Giant Faggots:

#1 Giant Faggot: RUSPLES

#2 Giant Faggot: Stivatore Italia

Bitch of the day: (New category!)

Name: Punkector   Rating: No fucking clue

Commentary:  I have played this bitch 3 times today, and lost each time. Why? Well, the reason is that in each of those rounds, this fuck rolled 6 – 9 triples, to my zero or one. Oh yea, and I also had ZERO successful hacks.  Now, I do realize that this may not fully be his fault, but I am confident he is at least a pay-bitch, so he is guilty!

#1 Name: Maldinni   Rating: 3540

Commentary: (Part 1) Tonight I would have been severely defeated by this player, had I not bailed before I was blasted for the last time. In this game, I had ZERO successful hacks. For the enemy, EVERY hack was successful. (Yes, this player had a Sun in the sky, and a costume.) Just before I would have received that final blast, Maldinni had SIX maxed-out robots… his three, and my three. What a crock. (Part 2) Tonight I met Maldinni once again, and once again bailed out at the last second, to keep from getting utterly smashed. Again, however, this player seems to have no skill whatsoever. S/he wins because nearly every hack s/he tries is successful, and almost no hacks against him work. I do notice though, in this case, that his rating is not all that high.  What does all of this mean? Can a person just do enough in-app spending to wind up nearly invincible? Or is this possibly not a real player at all, but is instead a mega-empowered zombie, used by Hexage to keep non-payers from advancing too far? This ‘player’ seems to embody this very spirit of Mr. Mega-Fuck Peroutka himself.

#2 Name: *FIREFLY*   Rating: 35,275

Commentary: I don’t get the high score. I have played this freak a half-dozen times. He won more rounds than I did, but in each case where he was about to lose, he bailed. Just doesn’t make sense to me that he could have ever achieved such a ridiculously high score, as he’s just not that good at the game.

#3 Name:  just relax  Rating: ca. 5,500

Commentary: This is another bitch that almost has to be a bot used by Hexage to keep non-payers in their place. But, who knows?

Name: Danasaurchi (?)  Rating: 24,000+

Commentary: I’ve played this sorry sucker probably over a dozen times now, and s/he’s won twice. The last time he won, he had been down below 30 points, and wouldn’t you know, out of nowhere, he rolled 5 triple in the course of 2 turns (2 of them Unmaker Omegas) and powered up. I bailed out. He always rolls mucho trips, but apparently is a pretty poor player. How does his score ever get this high?

Name:  Dick Everest   Rating: 9,675

Commentary: I am tempted to give this pathetic bitch a number one ranking. Was just defeated by him, after winding up with less than 90 points, while I had nearly 400. Only paying faggots are generally able to do that.

Name: adaaaam 2.0         Rating: 8,000+    Updated Rating:  14,500  (as of 3.25.2012)

Commentary: Just another gargantuan faggot (or is s/he?). Yes, he is a faggot, as is anyone who gives Hexage money. On the other hand, it is Hexage that decides to stage rather frequent matches where one side has no chance. Very rarely is that side going to be the side of a paying customer. He got smacked down. On 3.4.2012 I was able to badly defeat this person. One question I continue to have is how it can be that some of these players have such high ratings, when they seem to be such bad players. 3.25.2012, I encountered this player/bot yet again. S/he rolled nearly 10 triples, hacked successfully at every attempt. On the other side, I rolled ZERO triples, and had ONE successful hack.

Name: Hackers MP Rankings   Score: 25,000+

Commentary: Rolled twice as many triples as me, but I still beat his ass.

(Also, XO… you’re a pathetic loser.)

  1. So your complaint is that those that pay win too often, yet you usually win against those in your hall of shame? You do realize the hole in your argument, right?

  2. H1jAck, I chose to edit your post. The latter part has been deleted.

    Like the blogs and other pages operated by Hexage (Youtube, Fecesbook, etc.), I am only going to approve posts that agree with my feelings. Sorry. However, I will respond to the portion of your post I allowed to remain.

    Firstly, no, that is not my complaint. You obviously aren’t much of a reader (or thinker, for that matter). I often do lose when playing some of the stacked matches against the pay-bitches. One of my points is that, despite playing a game rigged in their favor, the pay-bitches are often very, very poor players.

    The main point is ONLY that pay-bitches get FAR more trips than non-pay-bitches, not to mention several other “perks”. Regarding that point, whether I win or lose in those matches is irrelevant.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks for commenting!

  3. Couldn't agree with you more

    I also feel the game is rigged and the founder is a total Faggot. Sometimes I don’t even know why I continue to play the game. It just pisses me off how Hexage has to take its failings out on others. It’s a game an guess what? It IS rigged. You don’t have to play long to see that, even for a 12 year old like me. I think that Hexage is just a bunch of cry baby’s that still live with there mama and wear lil pink pantys all twisted up in a knot about how they arent makin enough cash….. I think that probably some of there other games are rigged to. I’m gonna write a review of a few of there other games, and you can post them here, Deal?

  4. Deal! Just let me know when you have one ready.

  5. I’ve already play against adaaaaam and Firefly and i beat him… I think the only cheats in Robotek are used by players with a strange score in the Ranking. (for example: Ahmet crazy turk, has 50000010 points, and is IMPOSSIBLE because 48000 is the maximum REAL score. Anyway, i don’t know why, but when you play against this cheaters (maybe because i am a “pay-bitch”) they always explode at start.

    damnaloi 🙂

  6. Hey, Dude!

    I didn’t pick up on the fact that ‘damnaloi’ was your fightin’ name in Robotek! I got to play a few rounds against you a few days ago. Only problem is, I’m not sure which account I might have been using at the time. May have been under my new HexRage nick? I dunno. Anyways, it was cool to make the connection.

  7. You ain’t akiddin about this game, dude. The guy who came up with this POS has got to be one giant prick. Kudos to you for spreading the word!

  8. Love your site. As a clean Robotek addict myself (no cheating) I couldn’t agree with you more…. Just one more thing you need to add “MurderDeathKill” to the top of your list of pay-bitches…. Just changed my profile name to “urasorrycheater”.

  9. what platform do you play on? and how does the lose 40 points for quitting work? i’ve never had such problems in my blackberry robotek game.

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