NEWS FLASH: Hexage Cheats!




Connection Lost!

Connection Lost!




Connection Lost!



Suckers!! I know why you came here, but this isn’t about THOSE kinds of cheats! (Although, if anyone out there has any tips on cheats that appear to work in Robotek multiplayer, please post them!)

And well, even though what I am talking about doesn’t really qualify as news, it sure does describe the current state of affairs (as always) with regards to the scum at Hexage.

Normally, it is other players with whacked-out high scores, etc., that one would suspect of employing cheats, but sad to say, in this case, it is the game dev himself.

David Peroutka Is A Giant Faggot

Dear Buttsex (aka ‘David’) Peroutka,

Most game devs consider their free-to-play games to at least partially be advertisement for their other games, but in the case of Robotek you seem to have something going that is about as close to being the opposite of an advertisement as anything a person could imagine. This game seems to be saying, ‘Hey guys, play our games, and we’ll repeatedly fuck you in the ass!’.



For those out there who are do not yet clearly see how rigged this game is, you need to play in multiplayer mode, and not have paid Hexage any money. If you play Robotek like that, and cannot see the rigging… well, all i can say is that you are seriously fucked in the head, and have way more serious issues.

Seriously, Peroutka, you are a giant fuckwad. Please go off yourself.

“Beau Dawg”

If you ever just desire strongly to play a game that makes you say, “Oh my god”, over and over again, Robotek by Hexage is the game for you.

You will be awed by the sheer depth to which a [mobile] game company can and will stoop, just to make a dime. You will be amazed at how Hexage seemingly has NO shame, whatsoever. This is a game in which you may spend 15 – 20 minutes strategizing, nearly defeat your opponent, but just due to the fact that Hexage wants to penalize you for not having forked over some cash, your opponent will do something ridiculous, like rolling 6 or 7 triples in three rounds, steal all of your robots in ONE round, and blow you away.

Maybe it’s just me, but this sort of all-too-common, pathetic scenario never ceases to make my jaw drop. Most game devs would be WAY too ashamed to pull a stunt like this, but not our beloved David Peroutka, and his ‘small studio’ of ass-clowns, otherwise known as ‘Hexage’.

“Beau Dawg” is a player (or bot?) whom I encountered three times a few days ago. Each time, s/he rolled over 10 triples through the course of the game. In one of those games, I rolled one triple. I rolled two in the other two rounds. Almost none of my hacks were effective.

Again, what can account for this?

Dear Robotek Pay-Bitches

I just have a few questions for you. Why do you pay Hexage money? Is your self esteem SO low, that somehow paying money to gain an edge in a mobile video game gives you an ego boost?

What is the point of even playing a game, when you know that it is only negligibly competitive, and that the main reason you win many rounds, is because you paid to win?

To me, paying a sleazy company like Hexage in order to win one of their games, is nothing but an outright admission to being a complete loser.

Time and time over, non-payers see that their [paying] opponents’ hacks are 3 – 4 times more successful, their blasts do more damage, and they roll 3 times as many triples. However, the funny thing is that these jacked up paying customers are very often terrible at the game, and even with their huge advantage, they still very often lose.

If someone could clue me in on why they feel compelled to pay money to win a game, I’d be overjoyed to hear any explanation.

Hack Failed

If you are a non-paying customer, you have no doubt noticed in Robotek multiplayer that you see this message a LOT. So often, that it soon becomes pretty humorous. Add to that the frequency with which the enemy is able to succeed repeatedly, even with single hacks. To add even more to that humor, you could try reading the so-called strategy guide at

David Peroutka, you are the epitome of what it means to be a dickhead.

The Bullshit Is Strong With Robotek Tonight

I still have the feeling that in Robotek multiplayer, the degree to which the gameplay is rigged varies at different times. What the schedule is, I have no idea. Weekends (particularly Sunday evenings) seem to be the worst.

Time after time, the enemy’s hacks work. Even single hacks work, nearly every time. However, hacks from the home team rarely work. I rarely roll anything but single hacks (VERY often one hack, two green power drains), and (surprise, surprise) they just do nothing. Single hacks, time after time after time.  The enemy is rolling (once again) many, many triples. A few times this evening, I was met with back to back ‘Unmaker Omegas’.

In other words, at certain times, I get faced with a long series of rounds where winning would have been impossible. The other player (who is most likely the AI) is given one massive (as in ridiculous) advantage.

Only a very massive dick would produce this kind of game. Peroutka & Co. do not deserve to be in business.

My hope is that more people will call Hexage and David Peroutka on their bullshit.

Let me know your feelings on this!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to pirate Hexage games whenever the opportunity presents itself.