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David Peroutka Is A Giant Faggot

Dear Buttsex (aka ‘David’) Peroutka,

Most game devs consider their free-to-play games to at least partially be advertisement for their other games, but in the case of Robotek you seem to have something going that is about as close to being the opposite of an advertisement as anything a person could imagine. This game seems to be saying, ‘Hey guys, play our games, and we’ll repeatedly fuck you in the ass!’.



For those out there who are do not yet clearly see how rigged this game is, you need to play in multiplayer mode, and not have paid Hexage any money. If you play Robotek like that, and cannot see the rigging… well, all i can say is that you are seriously fucked in the head, and have way more serious issues.

Seriously, Peroutka, you are a giant fuckwad. Please go off yourself.

There is faggotry, and then there is mega-faggotry…

An Extraordinary Asshole

David Peroutka, aka 'Hexage'.

Dear David, you truly¬†are scum of the earth in its purest form. That being said, I think all that many of us would ask of you, is to make the rigging of your games less blatant, and just not so damned cheap. The reality is, David, Pay-to-win just isn’t cool anymore, and you have got to be the shittiest game dev that mobile app markets have ever seen.