This blog is focused on the cancer that is killing mobile gaming, as exemplified by Hexage  games – otherwise known as David Peroutka. The goal is to apply chemo (or in this case an ‘Unmaker Omega’) to all the sleazy pay-to-win scammers plaguing mobile app markets.

  1. Wow, just played two games with you, and I have to say that you just totally KICK ASS. OMG, you just trounced my arse worse than anyone I have ever encountered playing this game. You were even losing at one point, but you just suddenly started rolling trips like crazy, like a mfing boss! What I wanna know, is how the hell do you manage that? Maybe I should cut myself some slack; you are probably just using some kind of hack or exploit.

    Please respond to my comment!

  2. Ha ha funny stuff. You still rock. Keep it up!

  3. Why do you keep playing this game if you think its so unfair?

  4. Dr. Roborkian

    I just played HexRage, used to play HexRage.Google Me. Something was wrong here as you had a golden sun over your mainframe. As i thought you were an advocate of not paying Hexage i didnt mind getting my mainframe blown to pieces against you, but now either you’ve been cloned or this is HYPOCRISY at its finest! I hate playing against pirates, top hats, and sunny butt hurts that roll triples three times in a row with this fixed code that favors paying players. If that’s what it takes to get a fair game then so be it its time to abandon this game but its too addictive!

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