And Yet ANOTHER Dickish Robotek Update

So after this most recent update, you can still disconnect if the AI is too out of control, but prepare to lose 40 points every time.

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  1. You have achieved a fantastically addictive, great looking and smart game (with one caveat) – love to see this game mechanic expanded without losing the deceptive simplicity.
    To expand on my one caveat – and after around 2 weeks of playing – that would prevent me from paying for the full version is the increasing regularity that opponents disconnect in multiplayer when things aren’t going their way.
    More than half the battles I’m playing now where I am close to victory, my opponent bails out and has wasted my time. In fact the last few in a row have all done this and I’m quite sure now that I don’t want to commit any more time to a great game getting populated by players with lousy sportsmanship. There really needs to be an auto-lose for disconnects or a blacklist of repeat offenders. The fact they are penalised by losing points doesn’t seem to make up enough for wasting peoples time and is not enough of an incentive to stay the course.
    Thanks through for what you’ve done and best of luck with all your projects and respect to those who stayed the battle even when things weren’t going their way.

  2. Ha! Just realised this isn’t a Hexage blog! Hexrage – I guess there’s is something imbalanced with payed vs unpaid (I got nuked for the first time the other day when I was an inch away from victory) – ah well – but at least it makes any victory against a payed-up player that bit sweeter and if they do pull any stunts like nukes or hero’s or peculiarly reliable triples then, well, if that’s what they gotta do to get a win I guess. But I do get pissed at the disconnects, doubly when it’s from a paying player who’s already thrown every advantage at me and failed.

  3. Jon, I LOL’d a bit at your first post. It never occurred to me that anyone might mistake this blog for Hexage’s.

    I do agree with most of your sentiments. I will say, however, that the severe imbalance between paid/unpaid players, combined with just some all around shitty mechanics, is what prompts so many people to disconnect. It’s tiring to SO frequently be near winning, just for your opponent to steal three of your bots, and roll an Unmaker Omega (or two), and all in one turn. Only a dick (in this case named David Peroutka) would design a game that behaved like this. And now Hexage has a game in which probably over half of the matches end in disconnects. On the other hand, the general idea of the game is great, and the graphics are cool, at least in my opinion.

    Instead of adding in a way to more easily disconnect, Hexage needed to fix the shitty mechanics. However, that isn’t going to happen. The flaws in this game are rooted in the fact that this was designed as a pay-to-win game. ALL pay-to-win games are similarly fucked up. As in this game, the pay-to-win model requires that planning and strategizing on the part of non-payers has to frequently be negated, in order to drive non-payers to want to pay. In my opinion, it’s all pretty dickish.

    Anyways, thanks for commenting!

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