David Peroutka Is (Still) A Faggot

The problem with this game, along with all games built upon the pay-to-win model, is that there is no way for such games to be even remotely balanced.

In Robotek, for example, non-payers will always be playing with a handicap. Sometimes a massive handicap. Yes, if you become skilled at the game, you will win an increased number of rounds. However, you will most likely still find that every so many rounds, you will face almost impossible odds, in order to limit the percentage of wins Hexage will allow a non-payer. Sad.

Peroutka, please feel free to step in and offer up a defense any time you feel like it.

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  1. bwah hahahahahahhaahhaha!

    You’re so awesome.

  2. Michael,

    Why, thank you.

  3. I just made you quit, you’re such a little pussy. bahahahaha!

  4. Mr. Balls,

    Maybe I should just allow you to flatter yourself, but the reality is that I had someone come to the door. Consider the fact that I disconnected in something like the second round… It wasn’t because you were somehow just trouncing me. Stupid cocksucker.

  5. I feel exactly the same way you do about this rigged game!

  6. I am playing now…come and play

  7. johnnyfive dave royer

    I win again. Im three for three against you. I’ve actually won 204 battles out of my last 215. I’ve never payed for any of the add ons and when i lose i let the other player destroy me. You are a cry baby and a terrible robotek player. I expect you’ll just hide this post like you’ve hidden my other two, coward.

  8. Rave Doyer, How could I have guessed that I’d immediately have a comment from you. You bring such shame to the name Royer, as most people with that name are not huge lying faggots like you are. You do not “win” 204 out of 215 battles, if you are not a paying customer. You [Rave Doyer] ONLY win due to rolling massive numbers of triples, and having the vast majority of your hacks turn out successful. Zero skill, whatsoever. I make no apologies for bailing out, when my opponent is rolling triples and carrying out hacks at a 4 or 5 (or 10) to 1 ratio. Don’t post lying-ass comments on here about not paying to win. You comment was basically nothing but an admission to doing just that. Go fuck yourself.

    • johnnyfive dave royer

      You don’t get any better because you never finish your matches. I can’t prove to you that I haven’t paid but you have noticed that I don’t rock any extras. Plus, I’ve noticed that you roll an unusual amount of cripples though your technique is so weak it doesn’t really help. Like I already said, you’re nothing but a pathetic crybaby.

      • Rave Doyer, you are quite mislead, along with being quite deceitful. I have not paid a dime, and I think people like you who have are to be pitied. I do win the majority of battles I play, but I also keep track of how many triples and successful hacks take place. Like I said, if the ratio is ridiculous, I leave. And so what, it was good ole Hexage that added the ability to do that. Furthermore, as I said, you are indeed rocking extras. You are not winning due to any form of skill. You have none. Rolling high rates of triples, doing extra damage with each shot, super quick power-ups, etc etc, are not the result of skill. They are the result of being such a small, weak person, that it makes you feel better to constantly win, despite having to pay in order to do so.

  9. I’m not here to flame you, we just fought and you left when odd were not in yourfavor. I was worried when I saw your score of wins to losses but after the 4th round realized you were using average tactis. Now I know the glitch you used to. Acquire that kills to death ratio, so thank you for that.

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