Robotek Gets A Newer, Even More Fucked-Up Update

One change I am seeing, is that often times when there is a so-called disconnect, the game just ends, and a new game starts.

This has happened to me now several times, even at nearly the end of the game, when a player bails because said player was about to die!!!! It has happened to me probably 5 or 6 times in the last half hour that a player bailed at the last second… and I lost my win. There is seriously no depth of shittiness that David Peroutka (aka. ‘Buttlove’) will not stoop to.

The fucking game just ends. You get no fucking points for your win. WTF.

I know one thing, I plan to skip the most recent Robotek update on my other devices.

Anyone else seeing this?



UPDATE: As of right now, somewhere around 75% of the games I play are ending like this. Bend over, boys!

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