The Bullshit Is Strong With Robotek Tonight

I still have the feeling that in Robotek multiplayer, the degree to which the gameplay is rigged varies at different times. What the schedule is, I have no idea. Weekends (particularly Sunday evenings) seem to be the worst.

Time after time, the enemy’s hacks work. Even single hacks work, nearly every time. However, hacks from the home team rarely work. I rarely roll anything but single hacks (VERY often one hack, two green power drains), and (surprise, surprise) they just do nothing. Single hacks, time after time after time.  The enemy is rolling (once again) many, many triples. A few times this evening, I was met with back to back ‘Unmaker Omegas’.

In other words, at certain times, I get faced with a long series of rounds where winning would have been impossible. The other player (who is most likely the AI) is given one massive (as in ridiculous) advantage.

Only a very massive dick would produce this kind of game. Peroutka & Co. do not deserve to be in business.

My hope is that more people will call Hexage and David Peroutka on their bullshit.

Let me know your feelings on this!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to pirate Hexage games whenever the opportunity presents itself.


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