An Open Letter To Peroutka

Dear MegaTwat Peroutka,

I have a few sincere questions for you regarding multiplayer mode in your rigged game, ‘Robotek’, if you might be so kind as to respond.

  1. Do you honestly think that having a nearly defeated enemy suddenly get 3 – 6 triples during the last several rounds somehow makes a game ‘challenging’? ‘interesting’? ‘fun’?
  2. Do you understand that most people feel that this just adds another layer of absolute stupidity to an already grossly imbalanced game?
  3. Do you think you are making your games ‘fun’, when the enemy consistently gets more successful hacks, while the home team often gets few or none? Sometimes this reaches beyond ridiculous. I’ve played a few games where within a half dozen rounds, the enemy (normally one of your paying bitches) wound up with six robots, to my zero robots.
  4. Is this all due to you, Mr. Peroutka, being a complete idiot, or is it more that you desire to treat the people who play your games as complete idiots?

I look forward to hearing from you!!! xoxoxo


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