There is faggotry, and then there is mega-faggotry…

An Extraordinary Asshole

David Peroutka, aka 'Hexage'.

Dear David, you truly are scum of the earth in its purest form. That being said, I think all that many of us would ask of you, is to make the rigging of your games less blatant, and just not so damned cheap. The reality is, David, Pay-to-win just isn’t cool anymore, and you have got to be the shittiest game dev that mobile app markets have ever seen.

Posted on 16 February 2012, in Crack Users, Rapists and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. If this is the guy who made Robotek, then he definitely is a MegaPRICK. Robotek is rigged to the core. I’ve never before seen so many layers of stupidity built into the mechanics of a single game. BTW, nice site!

  2. Thanks, Alex! In the future, I want to include an article or two as to what exactly is going on with this game’s mechanics. Please comment on that, once I start posting!

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