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Trips, Trips everywhere…

So, I spent about an hour playing Robotek (HD) this afternoon on my HP TouchPad. Does it seem to anyone else like the nature of the game play varies from day to day? At any rate, the majority of the rounds I played today were classic examples of the enemy consistently getting 4 or 5 triples (or more) to my one. There are also a number of cases where the enemy, while losing badly, suddenly rolled 5 or 6 triples in the last 4 rounds of the game. These were games that, no matter how skilled a person might be, that person was going to lose.    That is the nature of this game. Robotek is rigged in the exact same way that slot machines at any given casino are rigged. It’s just that in this case, the rigging can be influenced by paying the casino owner (in this case ‘Mega-Bitch’ Peroutka) some cash. PLEASE comment!!

In Addition: Honestly, I have never before seen Robotek behaving the way it is now. In multiplayer mode (which is what I always play), the enemy right now is getting something more like 7 – 10 triples to my one. The last game I played, the enemy got 14 triples, I got 2. Of even more interest is that twice in the last day, I’ve had the enemy claim all three of my robots in one round – – twice. Generally speaking, such scenarios are FAR more likely to occur, if the enemy is wearing a stupid costume, and there is some kind of sun in the sky (in other words, when the enemy is paying to have a greater chance of winning).

David Peroutka, you are a dick of epic proportions. Please go die in a fire.

Connection Lost!

So, off and on when playing Robotek multiplayer, a message shows up within the first few seconds, saying that there was a disconnection from the server. Some days this seems to happen a LOT. Anyone have a theory as to what is going on there? I have my own idea, but I would like to hear input from others on this as well.

Please share your stories about how YOU have been raped by Hexage!

Whether they have stolen your cash, or have just hacked your droids one too many times, let us know!

There is faggotry, and then there is mega-faggotry…

An Extraordinary Asshole

David Peroutka, aka 'Hexage'.

Dear David, you truly are scum of the earth in its purest form. That being said, I think all that many of us would ask of you, is to make the rigging of your games less blatant, and just not so damned cheap. The reality is, David, Pay-to-win just isn’t cool anymore, and you have got to be the shittiest game dev that mobile app markets have ever seen.