DMCA’d by David Peroutka

As you may all have noticed, my fine banner is missing.  I was recently notified by WordPress of a DMCA takedown requested by David Peroutka with regard to said banner. What a fucking prick.

At any rate, due to this recent event, I will be willing to consider any submissions from the loyal readers of this blog for a replacement banner!

And Yet ANOTHER Dickish Robotek Update

So after this most recent update, you can still disconnect if the AI is too out of control, but prepare to lose 40 points every time.

David Peroutka Is (Still) A Faggot

The problem with this game, along with all games built upon the pay-to-win model, is that there is no way for such games to be even remotely balanced.

In Robotek, for example, non-payers will always be playing with a handicap. Sometimes a massive handicap. Yes, if you become skilled at the game, you will win an increased number of rounds. However, you will most likely still find that every so many rounds, you will face almost impossible odds, in order to limit the percentage of wins Hexage will allow a non-payer. Sad.

Peroutka, please feel free to step in and offer up a defense any time you feel like it.

So, What Is The Deal???

Just curious…

Does anyone out there have an idea what the FUCK the deal is with certain combos, which I keep CONSTANTLY rolling?

A few examples:

1 Droid, 2 Tank Bot

2 Droid, 1 Tank Bot

1 Hack, 2 ‘Drain’ (The green ones.)

And is there anyone else out there who seems to rarely ever get more than on defensive shield in a roll?

(I’ll be adding more to this list.)

Robotek Gets A Newer, Even More Fucked-Up Update

One change I am seeing, is that often times when there is a so-called disconnect, the game just ends, and a new game starts.

This has happened to me now several times, even at nearly the end of the game, when a player bails because said player was about to die!!!! It has happened to me probably 5 or 6 times in the last half hour that a player bailed at the last second… and I lost my win. There is seriously no depth of shittiness that David Peroutka (aka. ‘Buttlove’) will not stoop to.

The fucking game just ends. You get no fucking points for your win. WTF.

I know one thing, I plan to skip the most recent Robotek update on my other devices.

Anyone else seeing this?



UPDATE: As of right now, somewhere around 75% of the games I play are ending like this. Bend over, boys!

Is this what happens when a sociopath gets involved with game development?


Just thought I’d mention my experience playing a few dozen fun-filled rounds of Robotek multiplayer this evening/morning…

  • I seldom got more than one hack in any attempt, and nearly all failed.
  • Almost ALL of my hacks failed (including what few triple hacks I got).
  • Opponents had at least a 75% success rate with single hacks.
  • Opponents had a 90% – 100% success rate with all double and triple hacks.
  • Opponents rolled 2 – 3 times the number of triples I did, every round.
  • I was hit by back-to-back ‘unmaker omegas’, round after round (after round).
  • I was also hit by back-to-back triple hacks in many rounds.
  • Upon rolling for new bots, the opponent received either a full house, or some kind of triple – the vast majority of the time.
  • Almost any time one, two, or ALL of the opponent’s bots were ‘zapped’, they were all healed in the next roll.
  • I lost 9 out of 10 rounds.